Album of the Week: Soft by P.H.F. | Bailey Berry

If you see me walking around campus, I almost always have a pair of headphones in my ears. Music is my escape, and I turn to it in every free second of the day. I, and I’m sure many of you reading this, have dozens of private Spotify (or Apple Music.. I won’t remain biased) playlists and albums dedicated to /that/ mood. Well I have /that/ album that I turn to during the hard days. The test days. It’s what I turn to on my walks to class. It is what you should turn to, too.

This week’s album of the week is P.H.F’s 2015 album, Soft. P.H.F, or uncommonly known as Perfect Hair Forever, is a small, though still magnetic, band from Auckland, New Zealand, based in Los Angeles. P.H.F takes no claims to any specific genre, but it can be said that they bring about a dream pop/indie rock brand. Soft’s easy-flowing, neo-psychedelic rock gives way to a sound strikingly similar to Beach House’s tune: raspy, boundless, and invitingly fuzzy. Soft is not their first released album, nor is it their most recent album. To me, it is their pièce de résistance. It is their masterpiece. It’s my go to necessity.

The title itself says everything that it needs to say about the album. The album is just that- soft. The first track, “Drag Thru Urs,” is a perfect introduction to the recordings. The repetitiveness of the dream inducing beat is a common movement used throughout the whole album. This technique has an ability to bring about a blissful euphoria that you did not find possible. The album’s smooth transitions and relaxed vocals decompress the stressors of everyday life. The insertion of voice memos throughout the album is a popular trend throughout music today, and it can be seen in various top artists sounds, including Frank Ocean’s infamous “Be Yourself.” Although they may not convey a similar message of depth and importance, they are effective interludes that bring relief to the listener. P.H.F’s usage of repetitive beats and amusing interludes can bring peace in moments of chaos.

As a busy college student, I often find myself struggling with the responsibilities of school, work, and extracurricular activities. It is then that I turn to my music most, more specifically Soft. Its fuzzy tone and repetitive beat has the power of making any chaotic moment serene. You can’t help but Soften up, let loose, and forget about the aggravations of everyday life while listening. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, put in your headphones, search Soft, and press play. You won’t regret it.