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       As a freshman new member of MMP, I had a strange feeling- equal parts nervous and excited. While walking to my first ticket shift in the Union at MSU, I felt intimidated by the veteran members of Music Makers that I would be working with (shout out Alex and Emily). They were a very intimidating pair to me because I (like many of you) had preconceived notions of who a music maker is. After all, Alex knows Pitchfork reviews like the back of his hand, and Emily wears vintage denim jackets. But after an hour at that table, I felt for the first time that I had found a connecting point at MSU. A space where I can give every effort, see the fruits of group labor, and a team in which diverse personalities and music tastes mesh surprisingly well. I will also bet that any given member in Music Makers can recall a moment when he/she knew that joining Music Makers was a blessing.

      My name is Madison Horton, and you are probably wondering why you should take time to read this. After all, what does the opinion or story of yet another person on a blog matter? This is a post for people who genuinely care about music, live concerts, and the power of joining an organization that is right for you. After four years on Music Maker Productions, I am currently serving as the 2017-2018 Student Director. When I applied for Music Makers, I felt confident in my love for music but not confident in myself. I joined music makers my freshman year of college because while I loved music, I knew nothing about the music industry and wanted to experience everything it firsthand. As I grew in my experience and dedicated more of myself to Music Makers, I grew in maturity. As an eighteen-year-old woman, I did not think I was cool enough. But what I see now that I did not see my freshman year is that Music Makers are not cool people. We are not all “hipsters.” We are, however, sacrificing our time and work to something we believe in: music.

        Often during application season, people ask what we’re looking for. This is a difficult question to answer because there is no one trait that makes someone a better candidate for MMP than for any other organization. As cliché as it sounds, being who you are and not being afraid to grow is what makes a good member. Selflessly putting yourself into something, integrity, and providing constructive criticism makes a good member. The best Music Makers are the ones who give their all. The ones who will go to work on a project in our office until 2 A.M. Of course, it is hard work, it is some of the hardest work you may ever do. But everything that I have sacrificed for the sake of this organization is worth it. The hard work and intelligence we pride ourselves in makes picking up garbage worth it. The City Bagel pasta nights, MMP Cabin retreats, endless hangouts, and lifelong friends are definitely worth it. The Music Makers who have served with me on MMP are probably some of the best people attending MSU. These are the people that will check in on me when I am sick, celebrate my accomplishments, and push me to be a better Madison. If this is what you have been longing for and you want what I had that day at the ticketing table with Alex and Emily, do not be afraid to go for it. Apply for Music Makers or any other organization at MSU that will for a fact shape you into a better, more mature person and provide friends to grow with along the way.

Madison Horton | Student Director 2017-2018 | Music Maker Productions